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By virtually every yardstick, antisemitism in the US and Europe is rising and worsening in ways not seen since the 1930s. It comes in the forms of vandalism, social media abuse, assault and murder. Like a virus, it mutates and evolves across cultures, borders and ideologies, making it all but impossible to stop. Filmmaker Andrew Goldberg explores its infectious behavior in his film “Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations” as he travels through four countries to speak firsthand with victims, witnesses, antisemites, and interviewees including Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Fareed Zakaria, George Will and Deborah Lipstadt.

The film examines how some on the American far right have incited such acts as the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. In Hungary, we see how the Prime Minister has launched a massive campaign against Jewish Holocaust survivor and billionaire George Soros that's reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. Moving to the far left in England, we see members of the traditionally anti-racist Labour party conflating Israel and Jews, causing tremendous pain for the Jewish community. And in France, the film illuminates the seemingly endless wave of violence against Jews by Islamists and radicals.

The increasing bigotry, and at times violence, within each of these four countries paints a terrifying portrait of how global hatred disseminates and harms. As activist Maajid Nawaz says in the film, "If we don't draw a red line in the sand when it comes to antisemitism, Muslims will be next, gays will be next and everyone else who is deemed a minority will be next."









Director, Producer and Writer

​Andrew Goldberg w.g.a. is an Emmy Award-winning investigative producer and director based in New York City. He has executive produced and directed 13 prime-time documentary specials for PBS and Public Television, two broadcast series (spanning 39 episodes) for HGTV, and countless long and short-form segments for such outlets as CBS News Sunday Morning, ABC News, E! Entertainment Television, Food Network and NPR.

He has worked with and/or interviewed more celebrities than he can remember including Bill Clinton, Maya Angelou, Elie Wiesel, Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Natalie Portman, Itzhak Perlman, Julianna Margulies, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Shaquille O’Neal, Senator Bob Dole, Michael Douglas, The President of Armenia (random but true), Julianne Moore, Yo-Yo Ma, Olympia Dukakis, Edie Falco, Kristen Bell, Laura Linney, the legendary Walter Cronkite… and many more.

Andrew is currently directing two films including a fully funded, feature documentary, currently in post-production, that explores the complex relationship between humans and animals. The film questions how animals are both respected in the world but also used for food, science, textiles and entertainment. He is also in post-production on two hour documentary that takes a look at the resurgence in anti-Semitism in the world today.

Some of other previous films include:

The Armenian Genocide which received extraordinary reviews and coverage in almost every major newspaper in the US including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. The NJ Star Ledger called it “…serious, literate and ultimately heartbreaking.” Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times described it as a “powerful” film that “…honors the victims of the Genocide.” The film was screened at the US Congress in an event hosted by three US Representatives.

Jerusalem: Center of the World, which aired on the PBS National Program Service garnering ratings nearly 40% higher than the PBS national average. The Los Angeles Times called it “an event…a yeoman’s tasktimely and timeless.New York Newsday described it as “Wonderful… Grade A.” Hosted by Ray Suarez of the PBS NewsHour, the two-hour film explores Jerusalem’s history, culture and impact on the world.

They Came to America which features interviews with Frank McCourt, Cheech Marin and others, won the CINE Golden Eagle for Outstanding Programming. From The Wall Street Journal, “The producers knew what they were doing… An impressive 90 minutes… and a consistently affecting one.”

Goldberg also produced the acclaimed Proud To Serve: The Men and Women of the US Army, hosted by Walter Cronkite. The Wall Street Journal wrote of the film that it was “...absorbing,” and “...not to be missed.” adding “...they are all narratives, extraordinary in their detail, to say nothing of their power to move.

In addition to many other national PBS films including A Yiddish World Remembered (2002, Emmy Award Winner), Out in America (2010), The Iranian Americans (2012) and others, Goldberg has written and produced for Good Morning America, NOW With David Brancaccio, and National Public Radio’s All Things Considered with Robert Siegel. He was previously a regular contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning’s Nature segment, and Live From Lincoln Center. In 2015 he recently completed an interview series for the permanent collection of the NMAJH Museum in Philadelphia. His work has been licensed to countless major networks in virtually every country in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America and Asia.

Goldberg’s work has been supported by more than 50 foundations around the world including FORD Foundation, The Koret Foundation, The Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Skirball Foundation, and Goldman Sachs Gives. He has also received major funding from PBS and American Public Television. Andrew been honored with some 20 major awards including the EMMY, five CINE Golden Eagles, 10 Telly Awards, a NY Festivals Worldmedal, The Genesis Award (Guest of Honor), The St. Vartan’s Award, The Joachim and Anne Humanitarian Award and numerous others.

Andrew holds a BA in History from Northwestern University, and an MBA from The Graduate School of Business at The University of Chicago. He lives and works in New York City with his wife and three children.


Literary: Ryan Harbage | The Fischer-Harbage Agency
Legal: Kathleen Conkey Esq.
PR: Dina White | Integrated PR


Diana Robinson grew up in a bright pink stucco house in the middle of Pennsylvania.

After six years in live television and a year in print journalism at The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pa., she began producing public television documentaries on a range of topics, broadly focused on challenges in post-industrial cities. Her work has been supported by numerous foundations as well as grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Viral is her first feature film. She is currently in production on a second feature, about the complex relationship between humans and animals. Although she lives in New York City and has no plans of leaving, she deeply loves Pennsylvania and will talk about this at length to anyone who will listen.


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